The Aaron Rodgers Family Homophobia Theory Debunked

July 11, 2017 at 7:06 am by Terez in Aaron Rodgers

We received this gem in our tipbox this morning, “Here is a podcast of Luke and Jordan Rodgers, who happen to Aaron Rodgers brothers. They interviewed the openly gay NFL player Ryan O Callaghan recently. Now there is a theory the Rodgers family is homophobic and do not accept Aaron’s homosexuality. But if Aaron Rodgers brothers were anti gay, why would they post a sympathetic interview with a gay NFL player? Ryan O Callaghan is interesting, he KNEW Aaron Rodgers before he became famous. They were friends in college, dare I say very close friends. In fact, Ryan came out  to Aaron Rodgers first, he was one of the earliest people he told he is gay. Ryan also knows Luke and Jordan Rodgers as well he knew the Rodgers family since he was a teenager. Listen to the podcast from the 45 minute mark with the interview with Ryan and the Rodgers brothers about him coming out” Well that solves that, looks like Aaron’s sexual preference has very little to do with his estrangement from his family?-TO