Texas, USC & Michigan Going After John Harbaugh

I'm listening T...

I’m listening T…

The Great Debate continues on. Which is more prestigious from a coaching perspective, the NFL or an Elite College football program? Some can make the transition look easy, while others like Nick Saban, revert right back to their comfort zone. Here’s what our source tells us about some Major College Football programs who are looking to pluck an A List NFL Head Coach.”John Harbaugh is extremely high on the list for Texas, USC & Michigan. They all want to make a major splash and will throw large sums of money in order to get their star. They’re going to offer him a boatload to leave the NFL” says our source. If Harbaugh was floundering at the highest level, I would say it’s a no brainer. However, him and his brother have the NFL game figured out. Wishful thinking.-TO

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