Strippers Thank Mark Sanchez For a Great Game

We love the Sanchize T…

Everyone in New York is breathing a sigh of relief after the Jets snapped a 3 game losing streak…especially the ‘dancers’ at Rick’s “We were worried about Mark Sanchez for a little while there,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina. “We love the Jets and Sanchez is our quarterback–but he has not been playing well. But against the Rams he was awesome, and he showed everyone what he is capable of.”  Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Mackenzie agreed, adding, “I’m so glad he had a good game because people were starting to doubt him and you know what that means. It was almost goodbye Sanchez, hello Tebow. Now that won’t happen.” Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Amber admitted, Rick’s Cabaret New York is the famous three story gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan known for its beautiful exotic dancers, luxurious setting, gourmet steakhouse, and warm hospitality. It is the club of choice for many pro athletes from all the major sports.-TO

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