Strippers Comment on Darrelle Revis Trade

We’ll miss Revis Island T…

The Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls reacted quickly to the news that Darrelle Revis is no longer a NY Jet.  “We love the Jets–but what are they doing?” asked Rick’s Cabaret Girl Claudia, who describes herself as a big Jets fan. “When you have the best you should never let him get away!”Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina agreed. “Darrelle is awesome. The Jets will regret trading him.” Rick’s Cabaret Girl Hanna said, “The Jets messed up. Tampa really got the best of the deal. The Bucs had a porous secondary and now they have Revis Island. That’s what I call a 180 or is it a 360? Yeah, a 180.” “We wish Darrelle well,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kitty. ” These girls know their stuff.-TO

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