Steve Spurrier Takes Off His Shirt To Prove Age is Just a Number

April 21, 2010 at 9:49 am by Terez in Steve Spurrier, Univeristy of South Carolina

It's good Terez...check out the 90 degree angles on my arms..pretty impressive..

Former Florida Gators Football coach and current Gamecocks Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier let reporters in on his crazy workout routine at Williams-Brice Stadium..most of the journalists were very impressed with the 65 year ol’ ball coach’s workout..Steve went as far as taking off his shirt to show everyone what he’s working with. “If you look old and feel old,” Spurrier  said, “then you are old.” Steve is hoping his new found workout routine will inspire his team..“I’m tired of going 7-6, 7-5,” Spurrier said. “We don’t know what really playing well is all about yet. I started thinking about to how I used to coach, yelling at everybody. Maybe I need to do that a little bit more and hold guys accountable.” Spurrier is gonna have to change his nickname to the Young Ball Coach..Good working out Stevie. -TO

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