Steelers Draft Pick Open Mouth Kisses Brother When Drafted

I never kiss and tell Terez..

That's what friends are for Terez..for celebrating the good times..

Center Maurkice Pouncey was selected with the 18th pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers and was so excited he locked lips with what appears to be his Brother..Pictures don’t lie….but it sure looks like they share a deep connection..What was this dude doing at the University of Florida..I know Tim Tebow was reaching up his taint every snap..just saying..-TO

NFL Draft to Get the Red Carpet Treatment

Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban bashes NFL on draft timing

  • Jax

    I saw this on TV, but I figured he was just kissing his twin brother. I know they are really close and it kind of caused a dust up when Maurice chose to go to the NFL instead staying with his brother at UF and forgoing his senior year.

  • Mike Pouncey

    u niggaz trippin! No homo shit! We niggaz is rich now! Keep hatin fuck ass bitchz! We b makin that money now so we good.

  • Terez

    If this is Mike Pouncey then tell me one’s your brother taste? -TO

  • Madchuck

    HAHAHHAHA. Hey Pouncey, have you and Tebow ever had a 3-some with your brother. You bitch ass nigga. Oh, and watch out for Roethilsberger in the shower, unless you wan’t to get sexually assaulted. Oh, and how does your brother taste, you faggot.

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