Skaterboarder Taken To The Hospital After Cop Redirects Him Into A Police Car

July 15, 2017 at 7:33 am by Terez in Skateboarding

Earlier this week an informal skate competition broke out at Dolores Park in San Francisco.  Hundreds of people showed up to the event.  At one point the police were called in and attempted to shut it down.  During the attempted shutdown a police officer can be seen blocking the path of a skateboarder, who was traveling at a high rate of speed down a hill, causing him to slam into the police car.  According to SF Gate, the skateboarder and the police offer had to be taken to the hospital.  That’s a dirty move.  I thought they were supposed to protect and serve?- TO

Cop just caused a kid to eat shit . Officer badge name is Paul , skater is @Anthiiny

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