Shaq-father Speaks: Show Dwight Howard A Little Bit More Respect

He hasn't left yet T...

TNT held a media conference call with the whole crew including New Big Man Shaquille Oneal, and in a likely preview  of what we’ll see all year long with the TNT crew, the three analysts got into a pretty big argument over what Orlando should do with Dwight Howard. Shaq said: “I’m going to keep an eye on the Orlando situation (with Dwight Howard). I’m anxious to see if they’ll make the same mistake twice (in trading a young center like they did with O’Neal early in his career). “Well one, they should show him a little more respect. And two, I think they should get another dominant player. If you look at the history of the league, most (successful) teams have had a definite one-two punch. Right now in Orlando, you have a one-punch and no one can do it by themselves.” Shaq is kind of right, as long as Dwight is still in an Orlando uniform, the Magic fans must support him…Even if he’ll most likely bolt.  -TO

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