Shaq and JJ Redick’s Ex Writing Tell All Book

It's time to drop some dirt T...

It’s time to drop some dirt T…

Shaq’s and JJ Redick’s ex Vanessa Lopez has been offered a book deal, so she’s writing a book. Here’s what our source tells us about the upcoming book. ” The book is going to reveal ALOT of secrets about people. More details of the abortion contract and info that the public has not seen, and Shaq will be in it too. That dude is one nasty mother…. All his secrets are coming out the closet.  She is putting Gloria Allred on blast too! Revealing some crazy sh*t she did while representing her. As far as the Publisher, there are multiple offers so I am not sure who she will go with” said our exclusive source. Looking forward to reading this for sure.-TO

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