Sean Payton Cheats On Wife: Going to Cowboys

February 8, 2011 at 12:59 pm by Terez in Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton

D-Town here I come...

Ok, so here’s the scoop…Sean Payton recently uprooted his family from New Orleans and moved to a Dallas suburb close to Cowboys Stadium..Here’s what my source tells me is going down…”Apparently coach Payton was caught cheating on his wife in New Orleans. In turn she packed her bags and moved the kids to Dallas OVER NIGHT. Why would they not wait till this current school year is over? Why Dallas? He will be given a front office position with the Cowboys. He has a non compete clause in his contract restricting him from coaching until his contract with the Saints expires. This one will play out after the league hashes out the new CBA.” I can see the cheating part happening, we know Payton likes his drink,  but the move to the Cowboys front office seems a little hard to imagine…I will take this news with a grain of salt. -TO

Update: I just received another tip: “I was hanging with Sean over the weekend and he confirmed that he is going through a real rough patch and is getting a divorce, says he has been in talks with the Cowboys to take a front office position then take over as head coach if Jason Garrett (the red head step child) is not better than 500 by the mid way point next season. He is moving back to South Lake Texas to be close to his ex girlfriend because she is pregnant.” I’m starting to actually believe Payton is heading to the Cowboys. -TO

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