San Antonio Spurs Fight to Keep George Hill’s Nude Photos Off the Web

February 8, 2010 at 10:41 pm by Terez in George Hill, San Antonio Spurs

I'm a perv Terez..Just like Greg Oden

The San Antonio Spurs are SOL in their attempt to have nude pics of one of their players removed from a website — for now — because the site’s lawyer just said the pics of their player’s basketballs are there to stay.The Spurs’ lawyer fired off a letter to last week, demanding the website “immediately and permanently” remove the photos showing guard George Hill‘s privates … pics the genius snapped of himself using his cell phone. The Spurs want the pics down because they shine a negative light on the team’s image. But a lawyer for TheDirty sent a letter right back, saying the site has every right to post photos of “celebrities making fools of themselves” — and taking them down won’t change the fact that Hill is a moron. TheDirty’s lawyer also says the Spurs‘ attempt to have the pics removed will only cause a “Streisand Effect” — meaning the matter will become even more publicized due to their attempt to quash it … like it just did. We called Hill’s people for comment — no response yet. –TMZ

I’m starting to notice a disturbing trend among NBA players these days..hope a few creepy apples don’t spoil the bunch. -TO

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