Ryan Lochte Happy He Missed Prince Harry’s Nude Party

I'm the Prince of the Pool T...

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte said Thursday he was glad he didn’t stay with Britain’s Prince Harry after the two had a swimming race in Las Vegas. “We were at the same pool party and his people came over to my table and said Prince Harry wants to meet you,” Lochte told NBC’s “Today” show. “I took off my shirt and jumped in, and we started racing,” the gold medal winner said, adding swimming against the partying prince was “the coolest thing.” But Lochte told said he was “kinda happy” he missed out on the prince’s late-night naked party. “After our race, we went our separate ways,” he said…No doubt Lochte was knee deep into his own debauchery. -TO

Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry Night Swimming

Lochte Races Prince Harry at a Las Vegas Pool Party


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