Rory Likes Working Out More Than Caroline Does

He still needs to hit the weights T…

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki says her boyfriend  Rory McIlroy  has improved his fitness level so much that he likes working out even more than she does. Wozniacki’s dedication to the gym inspired McIlroy.”Even in my offseason, I’m like, ‘Can you just rest for a second?’ I don’t want to see the gym. I don’t want to hear about the gym. I don’t want to go run. I just want to relax,” she said. “He’s like, ‘No, but let’s just go to the gym.’ But it’s good fun. It’s great that we can motivate each other. It’s great that we can do so many things together.”McIlroy says their relationship is solid “Everything on that front is great.” said McIlroy. The couple that works out together stays together.-TO

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