Ronda Rousey Goes In On Kim Kardashian

This is why we love Strikeforce champ Ronda Rousey — Check out Ronda on the red carpet of ESPN The Magazine body edition, just spitting the truth about the evil empire — Congrats on the cover “Rowdy”one.-TO

Ronda Rousey’s Nude Body

Ronda Rousey Calls Out Ex Fling

  • Rick

    FINALLY Someone who speaks the truth!! I have much repect for Ronda Rousey for her opinions on our youth and their role model choices

  • Chris Columbus

    I believe that too, is just that children are products of their environment, & is completely unfair to alienate them with anything adult like, that should be kept out of their ears & eyes. I like to think of a respect that has no other choice but to give a nit lip, absolute restrain of any exposure to all that stuff. Any adult or anyone for that matter, that leads are youth into unhealthy subject should be punched in the face & that just the start.
    Kids can influence their own selves plenty without our help.
    Be grown up & set only good examples, please.& quit swearing. We all need to practice not cursing (for those of us that do); there are kids & people all around, & it takes the class out of anything.

  • Precious926

    OH PLEASE! Like you are such a great role model with your potty mouth on the red carpet of all places. Kim Kardashian is known for much more than a sex tape with her then BOYFRIEND!!! She didn’t do porn for goodness sake. Plus, I really think it stinks the way people like bullying Kim, who has never done anything but live her life the way she chooses, something we ALL want to be able to do. If you don’t like her as a “role model” that’s fine and a personal choice, but stop acting like she needs to get beat up or she’s evil or anything else just because you are mad that she is famous. Don’t watch then and get over yourselves!! Jeez, you’d think the Kardashians were murderers or smacked somebody’s mother with all the irrational hate.

  • Precious926_is_a_C*NT!

    Wow, Precious… you are truly one pathetic c*nt! No one is jealous of Kim K. and no one watches that sh*t except for POS wannabes such as yourself! You are the reason Kim K is relevant in some people’s eyes, the rest of us never paid her any attention to begin with. Go eat a gun, moron.

  • Lala Blahblahblah

    i agree with Ms. Rousy but only about the comment she made about role models. If she wanted to go there she should have mentioned Britany Spears, Christina Agulera, and Lindsay Lohan to name a few. Those women were constantly watched by young girls in their hay day and what did they do they became famous for their craft and then started getting implants and forgeting to wear clothes. Kim Kardashian is not a 13 yr olds fan favorite. Her fan base is 18 (which are considered adults by law) and older. 13 yr old dont need to be watching the E channel. But they cant help hearing music, and watching disney channel and the like. And as far as Ms. Rousy is concerned, she may be able to whoop some patooty, but she aint fooling nobody. If she was as innocent as she would like us to believe, she wouldnt be thinking about men when someone asks her what she wanted. Ok if you want some nuts then it is what it is. If you just say i want some walnuts, almonds, peanuts, brazil nuts whatever nobody is going to think anything different. But no, she had to say I want some nuts but I dont want to mention that in front of a bunch of guys. Ok Hello, thats when the power of suggestion kicks in and makes her look like shes hot to trot even if thats not what she intended. But really, that is what she intended because her comment suggests that she thought about what she said before she said it and said it anyway. She does have a potty mouth and a dirty mind. Doesnt she know that she should also carry herself to be a good role model to anyone watching her not just little girls but grown men and women as well.

  • Lala Blahblahblah

    Oh and P.S. i didnt click on the link but did you see the title of the next topic pertaining to Ms.Rousy? It reads: Ronda Rousey’s Nude Body. Oh My how did that happen to sweet innocent Ms. Rousy. Maybe her boyfriend or husband leaked a nude picture of her kinda like Kim Kardashians ex did to her. Hhhmmmmmmm……..

  • carl

    the whole Kardashian family is white trash. but for daddy being OJ pal(what was in the laundry bag he carried out of OJ’s apt.?), and the sex tape would they be famous?

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