Ron Artest Involved in Sexting Scandal

July 23, 2011 at 10:15 am by Terez in Los Angeles Lakers, Ron Artest

They're always trying to bring me down T...

Ron Artest loves social media..It allows him to connect with his fans..and sometimes it allows fanatics to connect with him…A new sexting scandal (Yawn) has emerged involving Metta World Peace Ron Artest..According to my sources, the girl at the center of the scandal is trying to sell pictures of Ron Artest’s nether region to several media outlets…Well, actually she contacted us trying to unload some dirt on Ron…WE politely declined.. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ron Ron’s junk shows up eventually…Unfortunately you won’t find it on Terez…this is a dong free zone…Yes, Ron is a married man, but that never stopped him from putting on the full court press with the ladies.. -TO

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