Robert Griffin III Has a Heisman and a Becky Girlfriend

She cleans all my socks T..

 Robert Lee Griffin III also known as RG3, is the current Heisman trohpy winner…and he also has another trophy….Rebecca Liddicoat is not only dating RG3, she’s also engaged to the new Heisman winner…Griffin is a one of kind QB and a real smart dude…His taste in women is still highly questionable though…Check the gallery below to see the Heisman winner’s other trophy. -TO

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  • X,Y,”and Z”

    Terez, FINALLY something with which we can find ‘common ground':

    “His taste in women is still highly questionable though”

    Terez, I’m sorry, but that chick is BUSTED! If she were working at your local “Piggly Wiggly”, they’d put her to work in the back. Like FAAAAAAAR away from the public: “Pallet Artisan/Hand-truck Technician”.

    X,Y,”and Z”

  • Dennis

    She’s pretty and big chested. That’s all you need.

  • jhas

    Good For him for sticking with the girl that he knows loves him before he got drafted!!! If he showed up with some bombshell chick you all would say she is with him for the money and fame. Hope he sticks with her, it is hard to find someone who is really down when your bank account grows!!!

  • tony

    Absolutely nothing wrong with this couple… nice match..good luck!

    • Passing By

      Except that you’re going the way of the dodo and you are so culturally programmed, and so frightened of the liberal morals, that you prefer to lie and dissapear before confronting the power structure.

      There’s only one thing worst than a mongrelizer. A fake coward mongrelizer.

  • Jay

    She is not cute at all. Just has tig-ol-bitties!

  • wakywaky

    Has any of you out there commenting ever thought that maybe Robert and Rebecca’s Christain-spirtual goals are on the same page? The young lady “is” attractive, she’s just not over exposing herself and not painting herself up like a hooker-n-heat! I happened to notice the length of her dresses and the somewhat conservative style of her overall attire. And for you “Black male star going after the white trophy girl” hounds, maybe you should find out who he was dating before and why that relationship turned out so bad for him. The guy graduated HS at 17, got his BA in 3 years and is going to get his masters in 5. He’s reportedly been very active doing community service work, alone with being a multi-sport superstar. That tells me that he didn’t have much time to do a lot of date-social partying, so unless his former girlfriend is as devout a Christian as he seems to be, she was most likely not feeling his lifestyle and that feeling would most certainly applies to most black honeys. Get the whole back-story and then make your comment!

    • Brian

      Yeah, she’s got those two ‘spiritual goals’ poking out front.

  • coach mack

    Ok, she is not attractive. She looks trailor. I am black and successful. My wife is conservative like her but very pretty. Rare she wears make up but when she do its knock out.

    Robert may need to follow my granddaddy’s advice; “son make sure you marry somebody you like looking at”. Really HE IS TOO YOUNG TO MARRY HER. He needs to make sure thats what he wants to do. Because if he dont they trailer trash will send him to trailers broke and disgusted.

    • khalil

      stop hatin on him dumb, u jus mad that she’s not with u, and you’re broke can’t afford t pay your rent, and make ends meet, and she is sexy, u just mad that u can’t get her, smdh

  • bd92

    Hes black. Shes a white girl. Where is the complicated math?

    All you ni**as busting on her at home whats ur white girl look like? Thot so

  • kimK

    Another one bites the dust…so sad.

  • mike

    Another dumb ass white girl with another payday.

  • Pechdaniph

    Just trying to figure out why he could not find someone who looks like his Mother…the woman his father married.

  • solo cal-rizz

    Happy for them. Some of the Hater comments are sad though. People are entitled to their god-given opinions, but if they really mean what they say with HOW they say it, the world is still a really fu**ed up place.

  • BBWFan

    I can see 2 big reasons why RGIII is with this sweet lady. I’m sure he is UDDERly crazy for her.

  • Chuck

    I have something most of you never consider. He might love her and wants to be her husband. That’s why there are so many many children of professional athletes who have a father and a mother who are not married. That is the shame of America.

  • Wheel

    She’s not pretty and she’s a coalburner. And @ comment 6, religion? seriously? LMFAO. Chimps don’t care about religion, it’s a front to get more white ass. Dumbass liberal.

  • Stan

    HATERS!!!! I think she beautiful. They make a great couple. More important – Get this its none of our freaking buisness!!! Robert make that girl happy and you’ll be happy. Trick what people say or think. Bless you Bro.

    • Pass By

      Moronic. Only a child or a hypocrite would claim that cheap romanticism is the ultimate source of legitimate behavior. It’s a puerile opinion.

  • Sher

    @ comment #15, what’s the matter? One of these “Chimps” took your white girl from you, you racist idiot. Maybe you can’t please them like they can due to lack of……

    • Passing By

      Endophobe disgusting mongrelizers like you are the past. Your own maladaptive behavior will get you extinct. You’re a shame for any sane person. Congrats for your moronic individualism and materialism, as well as for your cowardly bowing before the dominant Zeitgeist. : )

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  • steve

    these athletes sicken
    if I was a black lady, I would be highly insulted by these black idiots
    aren’t they good enough for the rich black man?

    • Pass By

      As it seems for this kind of guys their own women are never good enough. If that’s not disgusting I don’t know what is.

  • Afroch1c

    Clearly, this has a lot to do with social media’s hype over white women considering them most beautiful. In this case as in many, beauty is defined by how they put themselves out there sexually explicit, immoral beings that think this world should bow to their every need. It disgusts me how this started with American values of our forefathers and slavery mentality still exists. Now, black men don’t even care that they are being USED and ABUSED as sex objects, there can never be TRUE LOVE between black man and white woman…NEVER…its a FACT

    • Brian

      Do we want to live in a world where we all turn into a uniform beige? Pretty boring. Things tend to work better when people stick to their own type.

  • dean

    If he’s happy and his mom accepts her that’s all that matters. I say mom, because we all know that black moms can be very critical on their black sons choosing white women. I just hope his fiance is prepared for all the women that will literally throw themselves at RG, and please believe there will be some very beautiful young women who will do just that. We will see how strong his love will be after all of the beautiful distractions.

  • Blake

    She’s not cute. He could’ve done better, even if for him she had to be european.

  • ed smith

    Reading some of the comments it is apparent why so many marriages fail. She is ugly, she is pretty, she is fat, etc. etc. Ask yourself this question what will she look like 40 years from now? One may be so-called pretty today, but believe me, 40 years from now those looks will be gone. On the other hand, if you married for love, you may just stay together.

    • Brian

      A white girl marrying a black football player? Hello, Nicole Simpson. She won’t live to see another 40 years.

  • VInce

    Collect your welfare checks and shut your fkn mouths!

  • white girl

    All the black girls is mad hahahahahahaha

  • raj

    Haha! All the haters are losers who’ve never ever got to sniff a hottie.

  • lilkunta(to wakywaky)

    Comment #6 Written By wakywaky on January 6th, 2012@ 7:45 am
    if rebecca is conservative why is she showing cleavage?

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  • A. Cannon

    How come it’s a big deal whenever a black pro-athlete marries a white woman? I know a few ordinary working class black men, who are married to white women. It’s just a trend in our society right now. The athletes are not from Mars. They are a part of this society.

  • josef goebbels

    The peckerwoods are all upset because they know that us black folk are way smarter and better looking than they pink self.. They just hatin on us because we be takin all they hot white women.

    • Brian

      Yeah, you sound really smart. Where he is? Who dat be? Gnomesayin’?

  • David

    Robert Griffin III, a successful young man. With a successful young lady.

    • Passing By

      David, a not so successful weakling who will sell his own ultimate interests as well as his pride and identity for fear of name-calling. Pathetic,

    • NOLA_Darling

      All she has is a college degree from Baylor and a history of dating Baylor football players, not really earth shattering accomplishments.

  • StElMo

    You know what, there are a lot of ignorant comments on this thread. First of all, as some people have suggested, not ALL Black girls are mad because he chooses to marry a White girl. I’m sure a few are offended and are talking mess about ‘Black men running to a White girls as soon as they get some success’, and unfortunately, in a lot of cases it is true. White women have always been a prize to Black men, and for some reason they seem to hate their own women. However, I don’t believe this to be the case here. RG3 has been with this Rebecca since college – BEFORE the money and fame. Now, maybe she saw his potential and decided to invest early; or maybe, JUST MAYBE, they have a real connection and truly love each other. But this girl stuck by him when he was hurt and people thought he wouldn’t advance to the next level. How many girls would have stayed and been supportive after thinking their ‘future meal ticket’ was done for? Not many, if that’s all the athlete really was to these girls. And you know what, I’m glad she’s ordinary looking, because it gives me a bit of hope that perhaps RG3 loves Rebecca because oh WHO she is. She’s not the skinny, gorgeous, fake bombshell that you see many professional athletes marrying. And I’m sure that in the eyes of RG3, Rebecca IS beautiful, even if a lot of people disagree. But we don’t know this girl, so how can we truly judge her? Anyone can make themselves ‘beautiful’ with a bunch of makeup, a tight, supple body and skimpy clothes, but true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and comes from within. Rebecca chose to present herself as a lady and not succumb to the stereotypes that many fall for in order to ‘catch’ a rich athlete. Bottom line is this: we don’t know either one of these people; so instead of judging harshly, let them live their lives and be happy.

    • Fumetti666

      How come so few black women are willing to date white men, but so many white women want to date black men, who usually are players, abusive, cheating, unfaithful, and jealous as hell. In contract, black women won’t date white guys who usually have no jail record, can work a steady job, and are on the average less abusive and unfaithful to their woman?

    • NOLA_Darling

      The fact that they dated in college–when he was still a projected Heisman winner and first round draft pick–just proves that she placed her bet early.

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  • Mark

    A black man’s Krytonite A BIG WHITE WOMAN!!!

  • Jkb

    She’s attractive to me. Good for rg3

  • victoria

    all i know is that girl is gonna be satisfied every night and morning…lol

    • Fumetti666

      The guy is ugly and has dreadlocks…I am sure her parents are proud.

    • Mark Allen Wilson

      all I KNOW??? and just how do you KNOW this bit of assuming litter? this is what gets me about some women…sex??? is that ll you thing is on a man’s mind? How do you know what satisfies HER or him? to KNOW THIS. I’ve been married for 15 years in my lst marriage…I can only talk what I know about ME. Only silly little girls think like this and foolish older women who watch too much TV…

    • Brian

      Until he beats the crap out of her, or impregnates her and heads for the hills.

  • jennifer


  • Ms. Luv

    @ Comment #35… Who the hell are you to call black women “Nappy Headed”?! Black men have the same hair texture that black women have, idiot!! The nerve of you to come on this site and make an ass of yourself with such a silly, racist comment! My question to you is, what makes your hair so much better than mine’s? Because quite frankly, I can manage at least 100 different styles with my hair texture, but can you? Now honestly, I don’t give a damn who this man is marrying…it is 2012! If he wants to marry an animal, and he’s happy, then so-be-it! But for you to insinuate that all black women are the same, you’re just another lame knuckle head that thinks just because you’re white, you’re right! And news flash, there are a lot of highly educated degree holding black women who are NOT mean tempered, and who are wonderful to their husbands and boyfriends. I’m getting so tired of the Maury Povich/ BET innuendos that all black women are ass-shaking clowns who are loud and obnoxious! This has got to stop. If someone finds the person they’re meant to be with, I don’t care what color their skin is, as long as they’re happy! I’m just sick of ignorant, fat, white women looking at me when they’re walking with their ugly black boyfriends! I don’t want him!!! You are not hurting me! I have who God has sent to me, and I don’t care what others have…just be happy and stop the racist, stupid comments! Its 2012, and we’re not getting any further ahead with backwards thinking!

  • Gabby Douglas

    I was worrying about winning a gold medal for the USA instead of worrying about my hair.

  • Blight

    She has big ass titties. RG3 must love playing with them.


    Interracial shameful trends.

    • chainslinger

      universal dooshbag citizen

    • khalil

      dumbass hater, that’s not goin as good as he is



  • Dilsanovich

    she is kinda bugly…but i bet she swallows and those big tits are for sure keepin’ RG3 from strayin…lol

    but anyways, RG3 4 sure cheats (or will start cheating in the NFL).

  • Truth Hurtz

    HAte hate hate hate hate hate hate
    Nobody believes in love any more

  • Smh

    Ewww and LOL no longer a fan of his this is gross and disgusting why do our men always take white girl with them to the top ole slave ass nigga she can have him the part us black woman love is when the becky leaves them and takes everything lol i cannot wait until his dumb ass gets got ~next

    • Brian

      I’m a white man and I agree with you. Both of them are trying to get something here, and it probably won’t end up well for either.

  • Ki2UrEra

    She got some big Knockers.. lolz… anyways I could care less who he dates, marries, sleeps with, ext.. In my eyes all woman are the same.. all that matters is they make each other happy.. and for that ignorant person down below who made a comment about black woman being “nappy headed” and angry.. get a clue.. White woman get ANGRY, they CHEAT, LIE, AND USE people too.. so for you to say that it is a “black” thing.. shows how ignorant you are.. color has nothing to do with it so please save all that talk… And for you black woman that are mad because he is with a white woman.. Omg its 2012.. Y’all just mad cause you aint got yourself an nfl player.. lol.. Get over it.. Ive excepted the fact that “almost” all black men want a white woman.. and Ive also realized that most of the black men that like white women.. like black women too.. they just happen to be with a white one.. but in the end.. does it really matter.. let people be with who they want to be with.. why does everyone make a big deal about it.. and then why does everybody else blame black women for who black men choose to be with? making comments like “its cause black woman act like…” why do you need to bring us into the equation why can’t the reason be “he is with her because he likes her” ?.. I’m just sayin..

    • Joyce R

      Very good post. Well spoken. I would have felled out of my chair if he had proposed to a black woman. This is not something black men with money do. So RG only did what was expected of him.


    It should only matters that he is happy. But it is out that he has a charge for hitting her. So what do yaou have to say now about black women? We dont call the police for that. We will fight our own fights with our man. Well I know I will. But rue fact most women now are on money. I am very different. I love football. It has nothing to do with money. i always played sport with the boys growing up. So I have to watch the games but me worrying about how most black males in sports always end up with a white woman. to each it own. What ever makes and keeps them happy is all that matters is the point. If its not meant to be he will see. It will fall a part. Other women will always hate.

    • Fumetti666

      Most interracial marriages don’t work…I heard 7 out of 10 interracial marriages eventually fail.

      • Passing By

        Over 8 of 10 in Europe. I.e.: 84% of them in Italy.

        It’s self-defeating. It’s maladaptive. It’s ugly. It’s problematic. It’s the past.

  • HandsomeLustyBlackLadBrad1953

    Steve,if you were a black “lady,” you’d like be fat,fugly,frigid,b***hy or,likely,ALL FOUR!!!!At least Robbie’s got a buxom blonde chick!!!!

  • cruck

    its all pink as long as it clean, disease free, and don’t stink.

  • Tytyus

    another acomplished black man with a white woman lol, first comes love then come marriage then comes the white woman with the big ass inheritance when they divorce or he dies, RECYCLE THE BLACK DOLLAR!

    • Fumetti666

      Usually they are from trailer parks or from lower incomes…usually no father or loving household.

      • Brian

        Humpblack whales.

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