Rex Ryan Blaming Tim Tebow For Miserable Season

December 27, 2012 at 7:51 am by Terez in New York Jets, Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow

He’s a real Wild cat T…

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan reportedly never wanted Tim Tebow on his team. Jets owner Woody Johnson forced Tebow and his loyal legion of followers onto the Jets Organization. It was purely a marketing move after the New York Giants stole the spotlight after another Superbowl win. Now we’re being told, behind closed doors, Rex Ryan is squarely placing the blame on Tebow’s distracting shoulders. Ryan and GM Mike Tannebaum are standing together, and trying to deflect all the blame on the media’s most scrutinized backup. “Rex and Tannebaum are pleading their case that it was a lost year due to the Tebow Circus. They intentionally didn’t play him because they never wanted him in the first place. The Tebow Elephant in the room vanquished all the power they had over their team” said our source. The Jets outsmarted themselves with the Tebow Trade. Someone has to pay, and it shouldn’t have been Tebow.-TO

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