Report: Steve McNair had longtime affair with a stripper

July 10, 2009 at 10:22 am by Terez in Steve McNair

mcnair pole

The former business manager of a Minneapolis strip club told the NY Daily News that McNair had been a frequent visitor to the club and had an intimate and extramarital relationship with an exotic dancer for about six years. “She liked money and athletes,” the former business manager said on condition of anonymity. “She went out with athletes before. She was one of those girls who said, ‘You’re married? You have kids? So what?’ Lets have fun. “I can tell you that she was very upset when she learned that he had died,” the former business manager added. While the pretty brunette mourned privately, Titans fans turned out Thursday to pay their last respects to the quarterback who became the face of the team after the Houston Oilers relocated to Nashville in 1997. — NY Daily News

You put an NFL player with a stripper, and its like a kid in a candy store..-TO