Reggie Miller Fires Shots At LeBron

Does LeBron need me to hold his hand too T...

Soon to be Hall of Famer Reggie Miller has some advice for LeBron James, stop picking brains: “Now he’s reaching out to Hall of Famers to see what it takes to win? Enough is enough. Go out and actually do it on your own. What do you need more help for?” Said Reggie Miller — James, according to the Miami Herald, said he wasn’t aware of Miller’s comment. But James did say, “It’s good to have perspective from someone else’s point of view … their championship runs, their playing days in general.”Asked if he’s “good” with Miller after the comments, James responded, per the Herald, “I’m good with my family and teammates. That’s all that matters to me.” — LeBron needs to stop reaching out, and start winning rings. Jordan/Bird/Magic/Hakeem/Duncan, etc. all did it on their own.-TO

  • Kris

    Not one of those guys mentioned ever won one on their own. Selective memory Reggie.

    Jordan (Pippen)
    Bird (Mchale, Parrish, DJ, Ainge)
    Magic (Worthy, Kareem, Scott, Thompson)
    Hakeem (Smith, Drexler, Horry)
    Duncan (Robinson, Parker, Ginobili, Horry)

  • oscar

    no reggie is right! jordan made pippen a better player. every guy mentioned made those players better. look at dirk from dallas. they won the title with good role players. in cleveland lebron was making his teamates better. all he needed was better role players. now he is not comfortable shooting the last shot cause of d-wade n bosh.

  • markorsomething

    “He needs to stop reaching out”…? You sound like such an idiot. So what if he talks to other guys about how they saw they game and their approaches? That’s how you get better. By learning from others. Not sure why Millers hating, but you obviously don’t know $hit about basketball. You’re no better than those guys from TMZ–talking about stuff that isn’t of any concern to you

  • Ron

    Big talk coming from a player who never won a championship himself. Reggie’s the 2nd best player in his family, he should just shut the hell up and stick to commentating on the game.

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  • ragg

    This is the dumbest thing i ever heard. Maybe the reason this moronic idiot doesn’t have a ring,is because he tried to do it alone. BB is a team sport, contrary to what idiotic so called NBA analyst want you to believe. LeBron is secure enough to know that he doesn’t know everything, and it’s better to ask if you don’t know.

  • Marc

    Maybe Miller should have called someone himself, given he has never won a ring.:

  • Emmanuel Soltes

    I’m so tired of people saying Jordan/Bird/Magic/Olajuwon didn’t do it “alone”. It’s 5-on-5 basketball, not “21”. WE ALL KNOW they didn’t do it “alone”. Frickin’ get over it. Difference between Bron and those guys? We’re still waiting for him to do “it”. And he’s def not alone–he made that clear when he made the “Decision”.

  • E.

    I don’t see the problem with what he said. It’s true… stop asking what other players did and focus on you and what you’re not doing, work on that. You guys are so angry… guess the truth hurts.

  • James Andrews

    LeBron need to step up and stop walking in the shoes of other great ones and until he wins a championship he will never be considered in the class of Jordan, Magic, Bird and Kobe. When will he decide to become Mr Clutch in big time games?

  • Kris

    Michael Jordan didn’t win a ring until his eighth year in the league, guess what year this is for Lebron? Only reason he gets criticized is because he did the decision. If Jordan had twitter and 24/7 media coverage when he played they would have ripped him for not winning a chip or being able to beat the Pistons all those years.

  • edward

    Disagree with Miller. He talks crap ant not sure how he is a journalest or announcer. His comments are annoying when he talks and Miller is wrong to criticize Lebron James. I do not see anything wrong in asking a opinion. Its better to ask. Nothing wrong. Miller should chill out and stop acting like a woman who gossips too much. Reggie go retire. You were not successful and did not win a ring so shut up

  • Paul

    Sooo tired of the Reggie Millers’ & moreso Charles Barkleys’ dogging LeBron constantly when they NEVER won rings themselves! How the HELL did Barkley get named 1 of the 50 Greatest with NO RING? Oh, thats right…sucking up to Mike! LeBron has already done MANY THINGS these clowns never did, and he has YEARS LEFT TO WIN A RING, unlike them!!!

  • kenny

    wrong kris, though jordan did not have 24/7 media coverage, he was still heavily visible in his time, and you know what? jordan also knew when to shut up and let his play on the court do the talking. jordan didn’t get ‘chosen one’ tattooed across his back or throw a parade when he signed with a new team saying he’d win 5,6,7 championships. jordan let us tell him that he was the greatest, he didnt try to crown himself with no rings.

  • Will

    Uh, Reggie. Excuse me, how many rings do YOU have? As many as I do – ZERO! It’s not one person’s singular talent that wins championships. Its a team game and a player, no matter how good, has to have help. You gotta get some breaks and a bit of luck along the way. Miller needs to work on his commentating skills more than LeBron needs to work on his game. Let Miller play James one-on-one and we’ll see who wins that championship. James, hands down.

  • HeDan

    And Miller is an authority because of all of his rings… Right?? it’s a joke he’s going to the HOF, way to one dimensional for the HOF, same for Rodman. And Jordan didn’t make anyone better, the year he left to go play MLB Pippen, Grant and everyone else on that team had better years statistaclly and were a bogus foul call from going to the finals. When are we going to stop judging individual players in team sports by wins and loses anyway!! W/L are a team accomplishment of failure not one player on that team, we’re not in the early 1900’s anymore when MLB rated the pitchers by W/L’s, we have the technology to be far more accurate and efficient.

  • DP

    R. Miller couldn’t hold Lebron’s jock strap! He needs to shut the hell up!! HOFer my @$$!! And the heat need to stop massaging Wades ego and give the ball to James in the 4th and let him make plays.

  • http://espn Malik

    Miller maybe could not hold Labron Jock strap but he could shoot the light out .

  • Elias

    Then lets see just Kobe vs. Lebron for the championship!!!!

  • Mike

    Kenny is right on point. The “chosen one” put a bullseye on himself with no rings to back it up. This is a league of egos so be ready for criticism if you turn up low results. Whatever Jordan was good,bad he was all heart, hunger and pure will on a BB court. Maybe one day Lebron will live up to that tattoo. But until then let the arrows fly.

  • Samantha

    Reggie is making a valid comment, Lebron does need to stop asking questions of Legends and review his game and the games played and see what he could have done or changed and work on that, that’s how Kobe changes his games to make himself a better player. You can ask as many questions there is about the game but it’s up LBJ to show he can step up to the next level and so far he has not done that.Thats why he’s criticized so much, lack of will to win in the Post Season. It’s like he’s playing scared. Man Up LBJ.

  • Tranaice

    Sounds to me like Reggie is a jealous butthead. You learn by asking questions and observing, it helps improve your game. Sheesh….

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