Ravens cheerleader fired from Super Bowl For Gaining Weight?

January 31, 2013 at 8:16 am by Terez in Baltimore Ravens

I’m starving to cheer in the big game T…

Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz announced her retirement from cheering. She’s a five-year veteran of the cheerleading squad, and for one reason or another, she’s banned from cheering one last time.  Ravens fans have launched an online petition and a Facebook page, hoping to convince the team to change their mind. “I wouldn’t even have reached out and let fans know if I didn’t think it was clearly wrong,” Lenz tells ABC News. “I didn’t even think there would be a chance of me not going with being a five-year veteran.” This petition gives a little history into the dispute between Courtney and the team, alleging Lenz was recently benched from the squad for gaining 2 lbs. -TO

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