Protests Planned Over Sam Joining Cowboys

For little old me T...

For little old me T…

According to NBC’s Peter King, NFL officials called teams around the league to gauge interest in signing Michael Sam to their practice squad.  The Dallas Cowboys signed Sam, who is trying to become the first openly gay player in NFL history.  “The Rams waived Michael Sam, the first openly gay player trying to make an NFL roster, he was unemployed for two days,” King said. “During that time a league official contacted multiple teams asking if they had evaluated Sam as a probable practice squad player.” “Now Sam and the NFL avoided a nightmare situation when he signed with the practice squad of the Dallas Cowboys.” This report is surely to upset other players vying for NFL practice squads around the league. Now he’ll have some protestors this coming Sunday. The group American Decency says thousands of right-wing Christians will demonstrate at AT&T Stadium Sunday to protest the Dallas Cowboys signing Michael Sam to its practice squad. Sam is the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL. Jack Burkman heads the group which claims to have 3.62 million members in 41 states. Burkman says, “We cannot just stand idly by as Christian values and morals are trampled. We will do whatever we can to preserve family values in this country.” This country definitely needs some help, but these loons aren’t going to solve problems spending their time worrying about football players.-TO



  • Jess Mee

    We’ll see how many actual “protesters” there are. I’m thinking 20 at most.

  • mac888

    They should protest jerry as owner, he’s ruining the team

  • Damien MacBayne

    I wonder why the NFL doesn’t shop every cut player around to all the teams………..oh wait, this is the new special class of people who get special treatment. Not anti-gay, but I am anti-special treatment. Football is a merit based deal, no fuzzy feel good quasi-reality in that world of competition.

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