Pau’s Playoff Struggles Result of Girlfriend Breakup

I won't let go of her T...

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling big time…They are down 2-0 to the Mavericks and on the verge of having their threepeat dreams go down in flames…Now I know why… One of their star players has been playing extremely sub-par…We often don’t think athletes personal lives spill over into their work, but it happens just as often as regular folk…Case in point, Lakers Forward Pau Gasol…He’s been playing average at best the last few weeks, and my Lakers source is telling me Pau is in the middle of a bad break up with his girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro…The Lakers fans have noticed Pau’s lack of energy and hustle…He was booed by the Staples Center crowd for most of the second half last night…My source goes on to say Pau is feeling seriously bad over Silvia dumping him…He’s not acting like himself and his teammates can see it on the court…It’s gotta sting  getting dumped Pau, but getting swept will hurt a lot more. -TO

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