Pat Riley Sitting Wade for LeBron’s MVP Chances?

It's all rigged for LeBron T...

When we received this scoop, I wasn’t very surprised — Miami Heat President Pat Riley is about winning, but he’s also about personal accolades. The Miami Heat are 12-1 without Dwyane Wade, so keeping him on the bench doesn’t affect the team one way or another. However, if a man is healthy, let him earn his paycheck — Here’s what our source tells us, “I was hearing that pat Riley had a heart to heart with Dwyane Wade about sitting out so LeBron gets more touches, therefore increasing his chances 4 MVP” said the source — LeBron could win all the MVP’s he wants, but it won’t replace winning a title. Maybe they should sit Wade during the playoffs, and see if LeBron could carry the load down the stretch. -TO

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