NYC Strippers Offer Support to NY Giants

Eli will turn it around T...

Eli will turn it around T…

Rick’s Cabaret NYC Exotic Dancers Offer Aid and Comfort to Eli Manning and the NY Giants Following Humiliating 38 – 0 Loss to the Carolina Panthers “We Still Love ‘Em!” Say Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girls “The Giants played poorly and it was embarrassing,” said Rick’s Cabaret NY Girl Brielle. “But what they need right now is not for everyone to pile on. They need some support, some aid and comfort.” “They need to come to Rick’s Cabaret and we girls will cheer them up and motivate them for next week,” purred Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Destiny. “I will take their minds off of their awful 0 – 3 start,” promised Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Lindsay. “We want the Giants to know that we still love ’em,” cooed Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Destiny. Rick’s Cabaret is well known for its beautiful exotic dancers, luxurious setting, gourmet restaurant and warm hospitality. It is the club of choice for an upscale clientele including businessmen, numerous celebrities, and pro athletes from all the major sports.-TO

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