New York Giants vs. New England Patriots: Wives and Girlfriends

It's a no brainer T..

The term WAG (wives and girlfriends) is used particularly by the British tabloid press, to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers — Since we live in America, and play real football, figured I would just spell it out — Here are several Giants and Pats players with their significant others in the gallery below — You decide who has the better team. -TO

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  • El Jose

    How could you forget Evelyn Lozada T? You do know Ochocinco hasn’t retired….I think :/

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  • CW

    yo bro…your Czech girl is an f ing dog! Take that picture down bro. Good god!

  • Larry


  • Larry

    They need to take these pictures near a swimming pool.

  • James

    It is all about money. Great looking girls, who would be pole dancing if not for the athletes who marry them. Lets see if in a few years they are still together. Mostly the girls slip down the food chain, unless they can get their hands on their husbands money. Be honest, all these girls did was get born hot, then find a jock with his brains in his shorts and marry him.

  • Chad

    Can I just say that Gisele Bundchen looks like Barbra Steisand, even though Gisele got a nose job a few years ago. They are plenty of supermodels much hotter than her.

  • Roofer

    Belichick wins!

  • http://thebackyard CREGO1126

    welkers is by far the best

  • Rae

    I’m sorry…but Eli’s wife is FAR hotter than Brady’s. Eli is FAR hotter than Brady. I know I may be in the minority, but I don’t think Gisele is gorgeous at all. I think she looks like a tranny. And Brady? PUHLEEZE! I don’t find what’s so sexy about him.

  • Unhappy PatFan

    Howz about Belichek ? If she was waitin’ for me,I’d smile A LOT more

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