Nicole Murphy Cheating On Strahan?

April 4, 2014 at 7:27 am by Terez in Michael Strahan

You lying T...

You lying T…

Here’s a little info we received about Nicole Murphy, who is all set to marry Michael Strahan this summer. We received this tip, “I was at the Les Twins Workshop at IDA in Hollywood yesterday, Nicole Murphy turned up and was very flirty with one of Beyonce’s male dancers. She’s twice his age and it looked pretty desperate to me. She’s known to flirt with this guy every time she sees him. She keeps turning up wherever they are. She even came to a Beyonce concert and was backstage.  If she is still with Strahan, she sure not acting like it. She clearly wanted to take Larry home yesterday. He’s 25 and horny” said our tipster. I think Strahan is so busy working, he wouldn’t even notice. That being said, I believe he’s not getting played either.-TO

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