NFL Wide Receiver and Baby Mama Go At It Online

September 1, 2010 at 11:47 am by Terez in Kenny Britt, Tennesee Titans

This is what I think of my baby Mama T..

Baby Mama Beef Extra Hot

Kenny Britt is a 2nd year receiver for the Tennessee Titans..He’s used to catching balls…not flack..Kenny and his baby mama Kayla had it out on Facebook the other day for everyone to witness..and the two of them have some serious drama going on..Kenny needs to worry about making the team..not dealing with his baby mama drama..Apparently Kenny’s son’s in Jersey and he plays in Tennesee..causing quite a rift between the two..Kenny pays $2,000 grand a month in child support and he’s claiming she won’t let him see his son..Another he said/she said..To see the entire battle continue reading. -TO

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I hope you enjoyed the light reading Terez..