NBA Commissioner David Stern To Step Down After Season?

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NBA commisioner David Stern has ruled with an iron fist since 1984…Stern has been at the center of multiple controversies during his time as commissioner, with a noticeably more frequent trend in recent years…Now I’m being told there’s some chatter going on about Stern possibly stepping down after this lock-out shortened season…Here’s the scoop, “He is embarrassed at the way the media has ripped him for the Chris Paul Trade fiasco, and doesn’t want his legacy tarnished any further. Now that the lockout is over, and the Collective Bargaining is good for another 10 years, Stern feels after this season is a good time to step down as any. Deputy commissioner Adam Silver is rumored to take over if Stern steps down” said my source out of Chicago. I always thought Stern would be a lifer, but to me it appears he may have already reached his expiration date. -TO

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