Moving Trucks Spotted At LeBron James House In Miami

I love to troll Cleveland T...

I love to troll Cleveland T…

We just received this tip with the photo above “LeBron James is moving to Weston, Cleveland” Who knows if this is true, I think LeBron just loves all the attention. I just hope Cleveland doesn’t get sh*t on again.-TO  

  • bonerface

    thats florida

    • Matt

      Brilliant deduction. What tipped you off, the Palm Trees or the headline?

  • Guillermo

    He moves his car every summer while he vacations in Akron

    • rmg33

      This is correct, he moves his cars every summer…but NOT all his cars. 7 of the 8 cars in Florida, including 2 that have never left Florida have been shipped back north. Its happening…

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