More on Ryan Braun Herpes Rumor

December 15, 2011 at 10:53 am by Terez in Milwaukee Brewers, Ryan Braun

I'm on herp alert T...

I have more inside information on the Ryan Braun ‘herpes rumor’ situation. I heard this yesterday from two guys who both work for the Brewers. According to them, “Braun will be let off because he tested positive for Herpes and the medication given to him by his doctor (legal to fight this) is what caused the spike. Braun and his lawyers plan to go after whoever leaked the story because of HIPAA laws. That is why Braun has not made a statement and that is also why in Mark’s statement he referenced it being a “personal issue”. So we’ll see what happens, but from the sounds of it, the Brewers brass is pretty confident he will be let off. Still extremely embarrassing for him, but better than roids and more importantly better for the team. I guess one thing we did learn about Braun through this whole ordeal is he is not exactly intelligent.” This is a lose lose situation for Braun…Kinda crazy for an MVP to be dealing with such an uncomfortable dilemma. -TO

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