Miles Austin Turns Down Red Bull Because of Reggie Bush

I do what Kim tells me Terez..

The Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin likes following in Reggie Bush’s footsteps..but apparently he won’t follow Reggie on his latest endorsement deal.Miles has turned down a six-figure endorsement deal with Red Bull..According to my source, the reason Miles said no to Red Bull is because Reggie Bush already has a contract with the energy drink company..Kim did not want Miles to walk down that path..I hope Kim is gonna pay him the hell does a dude turn down six figures..truth be told, he would have never gotten the offer if he was dating Kim Kardashian..-TO

Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian Do the Pre-Espy Thing

Reggie Bush’s Girl Fires Twitter Shot at Kim Kardashian

  • Penelope

    I don’t believe this BULLSHIT! Miles is pretty much playing for free this year and he looks as such…..Reggie and Kim need to stop fighting through the media and work their shit out! It’s like the battle of the EXES! Terez, reign them in!

  • matty

    ya a measly 3 mil a year is nothing lmao

  • susan smith

    I like it very much.Tanhks!

  • Dmack

    another example of a woman bringing a man down, who cares get the money, she has money you dont, and dude is not going to marry her so, time to get jacked up on Red Bull

  • BallaBlocka

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in LA, Reggie and Amber Rose had just finished downing Red Bulls, gearing up for another hot, passionate, and animalistic love-making session…..

  • jeff holley

    yo Terez, quit messin’ with a brotha by having those sexy girls take off there top only to have your damn logo come across the screen and ruin the view. all kidding aside, this is a good website. Peace from Austin, texas.

  • timbo-slice

    I’m sayin tho!

  • tan

    cowboy are 1 of the best ever live

  • anthony-tx

    Uhm playin for free? I’ll “play for free” if I’m gettin his contract, shit I’ll take the league minimum and “play for free”….whoever said he’s playin for free is a dumbass

  • jj

    sounds to me like its one of three things.
    1 he is scared of bush
    2 whipped on the biggest prostitute who is only famous for screwing famous people
    3 media is inventing a story to hype up the battle

    im kind of guessing number 3

  • pitbull

    Miles just needs to get his head in this season and let that bitch do what ever and who ever she wants. I just hope his not going to make any more bad choices on and off the field.

  • W.Caldwell

    I hope this shit i’snt going to be another Tony Romo/ Jessica Simpson situation, Austin is shinning now but his new mate is a SLUTTTTT,get that money Miles damn what she want’s she would’nt be with you if you were’nt shinning this is your moment not hers.

  • mike

    When he kisses Kim does he taste Reggie or Ray J nuts?

  • matty

    its like a domino effect Mike

  • mikey

    for that ass, i would i would do whatever she says too

  • bob

    Prediction: R. Bush will have a bounceback season with 1200 yds & 10 TDs. M. Austin will go straight into the toilet this year, Why? Bush will have gotten all his shots and cleared up all of the weird STDs that that skank gave him and Austin will not be able to run or cut properly because of the itching and burning discharge in the crotch area from pronging that Hollywood disease factory. Glad she changed victims before my fantasy football draft. M. Austin you are screwed!

  • Jason

    Skanks have always ruined the lives of perfectly good men…what a curse when you cross lines!

  • cowboyfan68

    miles wake up man this woman has had sex on tape with ray j and messed with reggie bush as well and god only knows who else she will do anything and anyone to get a little media attention be smart do not let her run you’re life man you have earned the spotlight time not her!

  • Papi

    Miles is scared of Bush??? That’s hilarious. Have you actually seen the size of Miles…’s a beast and not as fragile as Reggie. Reg is a good dude but c’mon. It’s real petty for all these stars. As for the endorsement….Miles is about to receive a multi-million dollar contract from the Cowboys. He can pass on a couple of those 6 figure deals. Hey, I’ll do the Red Bull addy. Neither Reggie nor Kim care about me 😉 Great site…peace

  • Mr Hate

    I think Miles Austin removed his pants, sat on a commode, and took a good look at the tax deduction section of his current paycheck and said no dice to more money.

  • Captn Jack

    Lighten up, everyone! Miles Austin is smart to skip the Red Bull deal. That stuff is CRAP and any professional athlete who endorses it is a sellout.

  • Nameless

    Who cares? Both the Cowboys and Saints suck.

  • matty

    ya,,, im sure the superbowl champions suck lmao

    and any athlete that endorses anything is a sellout…who cares

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