Michael Vick Voted Most Despised NFL Player

Dog-gone it T...

Despite his regaining his starting job and once again netting an endorsement deal with Nike, Michael Vick remains the most hated NFL player according to a new poll from Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research. Here’s an excerpt from Forbes:”Why the continued hostility toward Vick? Nielsen Sports VP Stephen Master chalks it up to the scientific sample that mirrors the entire U.S. population, not just hardcore football fans. Casual fans that know Vick’s name primarily through his dog fighting legal circus naturally tend to focus on the negative. Women, for example, view Vick negatively at a 70% clip, compared to 50% for men.” Look, Vick is a polarizing figure on and off the field…He’s must see TV from a football standpoint, and that’s pretty much all he’s good for. To see the complete list continue reading. -TO

Girl Is Shopping Naked Pictures Of Mike Vick?

Vick Keeps it Casual From the Waist Down

Complete List:

1. Vick
2. Burress
3. Roethlisberger
4. Albert Haynesworth
5. Jay Cutler
6. Chad Ochocinco
7. Vince Young
8. Carson Palmer
9. Tony Romo
10. Jeremy Shockey

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