Michael Jordan Shoe Release Causes Craziness Around the Country

December 23, 2011 at 8:34 am by Terez in Michael Jordan

This is better than winning the lottery T...

The release of the newest edition of the Air Jordan basketball sneaker caused some trouble at several shopping malls throughout the country…”People started pushing like crazy and they started spraying mace on us for no reason,” says pepper spray victim Jalen Hall. “Like nobody was doing anything bad. We were just getting close to [the store] and they started spraying mace, and [I] got mace all over my eyes,” he said. “I was pretty angry.” Man, these Concord 11’s are nice, but pepper stray and trampling over people just to get a pair…At least people were civil in L.A. — Ironically, not one person waited in line for these. -TO

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