Miami Dolphins Jonathan Martin Gay?

People are being mean to me T…

Dolphins Jonathan Martin is the starting right tackle who left the team last week following a lunchroom incident. Now we are hearing that Martin was being “Bullied” because he was gay? Still weird to me that you can bully a guy that’s 6’5 300 pounds.-TO

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  • Joe

    “Hearing” sounds like slander to me

  • YaYa Yielle

    I’m trying to figure out how you can be that big and be bullied as well. I guess its all a mind game

  • Eve

    Regardless to a person’s size, color, sexual orientation, or any other factor, insults can hurt. While we realize that contact sports do promote some degree of roughness and toughness, it should not include abuse. Every person should be respected– and we can do that if we remember “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  • Don’t be a jerk at work

    The term “bullying”, as serious as it may be, trivializes the issue. The real issue is work place harassment. The NFL lockerroom may have it’s own atmosphere and nuances, but it is still a workplace. Size is seldom a bulwark against a work environment made hostile. Football players are after all at work.

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