Memphis Grizzlies Fight on Plane Over Gambling Debt

January 5, 2011 at 8:53 am by Terez in Memphis Grizzlies, OJ Mayo, Tony Allen

That fool Mayo T...he the one that owes me..

Two grown men fighting on a plane over gambling debts..this happens more often than we’d like to think in the NBA..Tony Allen and O.J. Mayo got scrappy on Monday afternoon over a gambling debt during the Grizzlies’ flight home from Los Angeles. Grizzlies officials say Mayo’s absence Tuesday night had nothing to do with the plane altercation..According to the Memphis source , Mayo and Allen were playing cards and Mayo reportedly lost around $1,500 dollars…Mayo refused to pay Allen…and then Allen swung at him..teammates had to separate the two from killing each other..and that’s all she wrote..With the amount of money these two make, $1,500 doesn’t really sound plausible..I bet it was more like $15,000. -TO

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