Magic Johnson Unleashes His Fury on Jim Buss

He’s not his Father’s son T…

Magic Johnson set his sights directly at Lakers executive VP Jim Buss last night.   “Love Dr. Buss. I don’t believe in Jim Buss,” Johnson said. “He’s made two critical mistakes already. To me, they made two critical mistakes. “First, hiring Mike Brown — he wasn’t the right coach. He’s a great coach but not the right coach for the Lakers. And I don’t feel Mike D’Antoni is the right coach for the Lakers. Especially when you have Phil Jackson sitting out there, who wanted to be the Laker coach. Jim Buss decided he didn’t want Phil Jackson, he wanted Mike D’Antoni. And that’s okay, but why didn’t you just say that? But the fans were cheering for Phil Jackson two nights in a row.” Jim Buss, asked for a comment by ESPN LosAngeles, said, “…I believe in Magic as I always have.” Love Magic for speaking his mind. They definitely did Phil dirty.-TO

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