Lionel Messi Joins Samsung’s GALAXY 11 Campaign as Team Captain

I'm a good captain T...

I’m a good captain T…

Samsung announced the first international soccer player to star in its fantasy-inspired, soccer-themed GALAXY 11 campaign is four-time Ballon d’Or award winner, Lionel Messi. The announcement was made on Samsung Mobile’s social media channels and included a one-minute video that chronicles Messi’s recruitment to join and serve as team captain of GALAXY 11. The video, “Messi Becomes Captain,” follows Messi casually dribbling a soccer ball through the streets of Barcelona before realizing that he is being chased by a motorcade of black SUVs, taking him on an unexpected journey through side streets, alleyways and a small restaurant. When he is finally trapped, team manager Franz Beckenbauer emerges and offers Messi a captain’s band to lead GALAXY 11, as an alien spaceship hovers ominously overhead. To SEE The VIDEO Continue reading.-TO

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