Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods Together at Tiger’s Poker Event

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Check out Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and Tiger at Tiger’s Poker Night presented by the World Poker Tour benefiting The Tiger Woods Foundation. This was an exclusive, 50-person, $10,000 buy-in poker tournament that took place at Moorea Beach Club Beachside Casino at the Mandalay Bay — Tiger was the first to bust out and he lost to an amateur Melinda Fey. He had a big hand .. Jack high flush but Melinda rivered a boat (meaning last card dealt gave her better hand)  Also at Tiger’s table was poker star Phil Ivey who’s known in the poker world for his own greatness as the Tiger Woods of poker. An amateur player, Scott Dillon, won the tournament. World Poker Tour filmed the event which will air later this year during its ‘WPT Foundation On Tour’ Charitable segment in an episode of World Poker Tour Season XI on Fox Sports Net. To See More Pics from the Event continue reading.-TO

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