Let’s Get Acquainted with Tim Duncan’s New Girlfriend

I'm still scoring T..

I’m still scoring T..

San Antonio Spurs legendary big man Tim Duncan has moved on after his divorce. Tim is dating Amazing Race reality star- Vanessa Macias, who has been sitting at the Spurs home section for games. Looks like Tim Duncan is trying to over-assert his heterosexuality after the rumors. Either way great work Timmy.-TO

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  • Mandy

    I’m wondering if Tim’s ex-wife was telling the TRUTH and he is gay. It’s funny because it seems like he met this women practically overnight, and just moved on as if his marriage never happened. She’s infamous I guess but probably sees a benefit in being linked to him for publicity, and mostly for his money. He could use her like Justin Bieber did with Selena Gomez (Justin is obviously gay by the way for those who deny it) to avoid rumors that he is gay (even if he is actually NOT). It’s hard to imagine they could possibly have anything in common. Even though his wife ended up being hateful to him, at least they had some common interests and concerns while they were together. I don’t know. She just seems sort of shallow and slutty to me.

  • Trevor

    Guessing he met her through Tony Parker.

  • Sheila

    I think Tim’s probably wishes he was young again. But dating someone even 2-3 or so years
    younger makes him look old since he already looks older than his age. He’s not playing well this year either. Maybe he’s depressed or something. Kind of sad really.

  • Catalina

    I’ve worked at one of the concession stands at the AT&T center (got a job closer to home last month). Anyway, Vanessa has been working there for a while. One of my guy friends who works with me told me she’s f**cked like, every guy there. If she’s “dating” him then she’s “dated” everyone else there too.

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