Lee Corso’s ESPN Mascot Head Stolen

December 5, 2010 at 8:09 pm by Terez in Lee Corso

Tell ESPN to try and find me T..

ESPN’s gameday’s Lee Corso has a tradition of putting a mascot head on, which shows his prediction for the game…Now someone’s wearing his head..According to various reports, ESPN told Oregon State Police a giant mascot head of the ESPN College GameDay host has been stolen..Erin Andrews immediately tweeted out the news..and even was trying to play detective..She tweeted..”ALERT: The Lee Corso Gm Day mascot head was stolen in Corvallis..a bad way to end our 1st visit..if u took it, or know who did, plz return!” Apparently, the guy in the picture above was posted on message boards, but no one could identify him as of yet..Just another unsolved mystery..-TO

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