LeBron James Eliminated in Knockout by 16 Year Old

LeBron James is having a interesting time overseas….Bron loses to a 16-yr old student in a game of knockout in Barcelona, Spain..and that’s not the only embarassing footage of LeBron…Here he is hesitating for almost 3 minutes before diving into a swimming pool…It’s definitely time for a new nickname…King of what? -TO

LeBron Makes Fun of His Own Hairline

Jay Z Goes At LeBron James

  • http://www.dirtyprogram.com DirtyProgram.com

    It never gets old watching Lebron lose! I love how he walks away with his tail between his legs…

  • pplarestupid

    If you think that it is easy to jump from that height then so be it. He is jumping from about 2 stories up so it is not as easy as you think.

  • http://www.gambling411.net Gambling411.net

    I wish I could bet if he was going to jump like a man or take 3 minutes to think about it. It’s a sport lebron, your not jumping off a building on to concrete.

  • turk x

    the kid didnt shoot from where lebron shot from the little weasel cheated pay attention!

  • lew

    He seems mad afterward too….what a poor sport!

  • rk

    Hahaha he made it worse by looking all upset. Just laugh and shrug it off and nobody will care…dude never learns.

  • Heinz Stolp

    he sucks thats why he is playing in Maimi

  • Optimus Prime

    Pat Riley gonna sign this kid now, watch. OMG!!! Lebron’s human.

  • E

    It looks like black men can’t jump either


    lebron is the biggest poor sport vagina. NEVER will be compared to the one the only Michael Jackson. HAHAHA nah MICHAEL JORDAN


    all yall lame as hell who hatin on lbj….if he played fo yo team yall would be all on his nuts bitches…

  • myob

    Lebron= BALD BEOTCH! Miami’s BIGGEST wuss…



  • Doug

    That’s just stupid. Every time some dude makes a shot against LBJ they “beat” or “bested” or “owned” him.

  • crazyguys

    How is he a poor sport? He gave the dude a five. What was he supposed to do, start jumping up and down and congratulate the kid?

  • Sam

    Hey didn’t “dive”, he jumped. Still a wuss.

  • dingsterman

    The demons just couldn’t get off Lebron’s back!!! A sure sign that the end is near.

  • makesomesense

    People just love to hate! He told yall to keep typing, talking and being fat while he makes his millions. I know none of yall want say it to his face…on a dark alley! HA! #buildthemuptotearthemdown#

  • Midnite


  • Chris

    Some of you people need to get a life and get off of LeBron. What should he do, “posterize” or try his best against every teenager he comes in contact with? This islike me play against my teenage son or daughter, sometimes they win because it is not that important for me to beat them.

  • Scott jones

    Why does everyone hate on LBJ?? He’s the best in the game and there’s NO one in the league that can beat him one on one!! Big deal that some 16 year old kid made a basket before he did!! LBJ can’t take a crap without someone criticizing him for it!!! Leave the KING alone and after he wins 10 titles all y’all with be eating crow!

  • Scott


  • LebronTheKing6

    turk x I agree Lebron shot a good 2 metres further than the other kid who shot from the actual 3 point line. bullshit

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