Latrell Sprewell Broke as a Joke

Terez, meet my new PR Team...They are going to reshape my image...

Terez, meet my new PR Team...They are going to reshape my image...

Former NBA star Latrell Sprewell faces yet another foreclosure lawsuit. Sprewell has failed to make mortgage payments since November on a home on E. Hampshire St. in Milwaukee, Harris National Association, formerly Lincoln State Bank, alleges in a lawsuit filed last month in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. The bank wants to foreclose on its $920,000 loan and have the home sold. Sprewell has not responded to the lawsuit. City records describe the property as a 5,200-square-foot, 70-year-old mansion with six bedrooms and four fireplaces. It is assessed at nearly $1.1 million. Sprewell, 38, who five years ago reportedly spurned a three-year, $21 million contract offer as insulting, has amassed a history of financial trouble since his 13-year NBA career ended in 2005. – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Maybe now he regrets turning down that 3 year deal for 21 million..what an idiot..-TO

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  • zapperz

    He is just another igrnorant black dude that didn’t learn anything in college, obviously, like so many before him. To make more in a year than most people make in a life time, and loose it like he did, is beyond stupidity, its like Obama, spend what you dont have, who cares??

  • zapperzhater

    Relax Zapperz. There are plenty of ignorant athletes of all races. Sprewell is an idiot, but judging from your comment, so are you.

  • KB

    This is why we haven’t come as far as society thinks we have…and to think that white people are now claiming reverse discrimination…pleeeeeeeeease. This society has been conditioned to hate “the blackman”, anytime you see kids that aren’t old enough to have seen certain athletes play on the field, but there you see these kids with their dads heckling and acting as foolish as a college kid on a 3 day drinking binge…some examples these parents are…and to say that we’re ignorant. How about being oblivious for the last 300 yrs and then claiming that you’re being discriminated against…is a joke. It’s time for these athletes to start taking the bull by the horns and kill the flash…kill the issues of drug and alcohol abuse, especially when you make $millions of dollars of year. I don’t care if you don’t won’t to be a role model or not, every time you flubb up, Black America has to pay for it…in integrity points…enough is enough…And believe me…this guy deserves everything he gets for turning down a $21 million dollar contract. But for those who jump on the proverbial…”we’re just ignorant” or “just another ignorant black man” has only provided us with the educational fuel necessary for those of us who are rational and educated and continue to strive for freedom, justice and hope for all of those who want more out of life. “Those who fail to learn their history, are doomed to repeat it”.

  • Brother Elmo

    i knew that boy wasn’t going to amount to a row of pins the minute he got into a scrape and almost choked his coach to death. That damned Jessie Jackson got his two cents worth in, and things went downhill from there.

    You can’t give a black fool shit loads of money and expect great things to happen. Why don’t the professional teams ever learn?

    Brother Elmo

  • Kenney

    What is this? the KKK Website? Wow… I didn’t know whites were still that hateful. You all are ridiculous. Sounds like some old Mississippi 1939 porchsitting crackers sitting around mad because some brothers made some money. Sh*t happens.. Look at John Daly… Lenny Dykstra… Do you see us blaming the whole white race or calling all white men stupid because of them. Yo… Look in the mirror. You all just made yourelves look like idiots…

  • DiracPAM

    @Brother Elmo: …but you can give a white fool loads of money and not expect ‘explitive’? Your racial attitude reveals your ignoramus self.

    @Kenney: Don’t worry about these idiots that can never ascend to intellectual heights and are left to hide behind skin color with envy. They can’t even stand what they see in the mirror so they descend to blaming others for their pathetic demise rather than spending time to elevate their intellect – assuming there is potential for such a feat.

  • youareallidiots

    lol, y’all sound like a bunch of idiots to me, i guess i missed the profile pics, how do you guys all know what race one another are? I’m not a racist myself, but c’mon the slavery bit is getting old. Every race was slaves at one point in time, just for some reason, the rest dont feel the need to use it as an excuse for everything. Another thing, what does race have to do with Sprewell pissing away all of his money? I think y’all need to go on Jerry Springer and resolve this once and for all.

  • Me

    Long as black males look to guys like Sprewell as “inspiration” the “black struggle” will never end.

    The whole b.s about the white man and power is old. How do you explain the rise of the Asian power now?


  • Professor Vex

    @youareallidiots No one brought up slavery you pencil dick faggot.

  • M3

    PUNK ASS CRACKERS Always hating

  • bigblackdick

    this one goes to comment number one, bigblackdick, your daughter she nasty, first name lee, last name dash
    tell her to go to bangledash; anyone who uses those lines on there music i want my money, na that one is free… i does it like water its seasonal as long as im alive.

  • Jaylen

    To Freddy, first off f*ck you pussy. There are way more winey white pro athletes that are in a bad state with their finances,Its cock suckers like you that are ignorant and filled with hate. It always amazes me how a white cock sucker can talk sh*t about a black man but deep in his heart he worships black men, deep in your heart you wish you were a balck man. Also pussy; there are more white americans on welfare, food stamps then african americans, why don’t you take yo ass to africa and when you get their get on your knees and suck every DICK you can find FAGGOT!

  • wow!

    Incredible to think we are in America. Well, I think most of us are. I wonder, are all of u guys as tough as you sound, or do u use this website thing to act tough and bad ass. I bet all of u can’t even fight, let alone talk shit like u can. Lol, yall are very amusing. Lol, very

  • wow!

    I noticed something though, whenever a black person Fuck up, there is always someone with a negative comment directed towards the black race….why? Just curious. Why so angry. Did something happen to u as a youth? Did some black dude Fuck ur chic? When u went to jail, did a big black guy tape you?why so mad? Why so bitter? Maybe its all obamas fault, or maybe niggers did it? While u are angry and bitter, more white women are having black babies. No one hears your cry…time is changing…get over it.

  • Rodney King

    Damnit I said, “Can’t we all just get along????” Now stop this sh*t!

  • Franky

    Talk about greed and biting the hand that feeds, What a bad decision to turn down 21 Million for 3 years! not enough money to feed his family? people can feed a family of five on 50k a year! so look at it this way, if he took the 21 Mil that would be gone now too and he’d be broke again, lol…

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