Lakers Secretly Reach out to Phil Jackson Again

You must be high T...

They must be high T…

With the latest round of  rumors circulating that Dwight Howard doesn’t want to return to the Lakers because of the current head coach, our sources have informed us the Lakers are quietly figuring out a way to end Mike D’antoni’s tenure, and replace him with Phil Jackson. “The Lakers have asked Phil ‘hypothetically’ if the job opens up, would he become available to coach one more time. Phil is basically saying he’s too old for hypotheticals, and they should call him again when the time is right.” said our source. I think Phil needs one last run, so as a fan of the NBA, I’m hoping Dwight once again gets his way.-TO

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  • xplio123

    If I were Phil, I’d just laugh and then hang up the phone.

  • lee jackson

    is this real?

  • Lakers 1

    Bringing Phil back is the smartest move I’ve heard out of the Lakers camp yet. There is a girls junior high team somewhere that D’antoni can coach.

    • rick144

      asleep, a day late and a “cough” dollar short….that whole thing makes the Laker front office look like rank amateur’s
      53 yr laker

  • rey

    Phil should tell the Lakers it’s Jim Buss fault let him sort this one out. Stop using me or make my g/f Jeanie head of basketball operations. Oh, I thought you already have a coach name Mike Dumbtoni remember you hired him before I can give you guys an answer.

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