Kobe Bryant Walks For the Homeless

One step at a time T…

Tens of thousands of people participated in the 6th annual Homewalk to End Homelessness through the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. Kobe Bryant served as the honorary chair at the event in Exposition Park and led more than 10,000 participants on a five-kilometer walk through the streets of downtown. “Great day yesterday! Home walk was a huge success and I thank you all for your involvement in this great commitment to end homelessness. This is a year round battle and this issue requires a lot of patience, understanding, selflessness and persistence. From the bottom of our KVBFF hearts we thank you!!” said Kobe on Facebook. The Mamba usually takes what he wants, but is also more than willing to give back.-TO

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Kobe Working on Getting Rid of Homelessness

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