Kobe Bryant Gets Mysterious Package After Game

February 13, 2011 at 6:30 pm by Terez in Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

Yea, I kind of know what you're talking about T..

On the heels of the Orlando Magic’s Gilbert Arenas being served at halftime with child support and custody papers, comes another NBA player being handed a mysterious package..My sources are telling me Kobe was handed paternity papers …Here’s what we’re being told, “Right around the time Tiger Woods was involved in his whole affair mess , a girl Kobe was mixed up with earlier in the year gave birth to his ‘alleged’ child…Kobe  paid for her to live in Italy for the last year..She’s returned to the states and is now seeking legal rights.” This sounds plausible, Kobe has cheated on his wife Vanessa in the past…Haven’t these guys learned to keep their hands by their sides when exiting the court. To see the Video continue reading. -TO

Photo of Gilbert Arenas Being Served at Halftime

Kobe’s Hand and Foot Print Cermony After Party