Kerry Washington Pregnant and It’s not Nnamdi Asomugha’s Kid?

That wasn't part of the deal T...

That wasn’t part of the deal T…

We’ve received word that Nnamdi Asomugha’s “wife” Kerry Washington is pregnant. Our source reveals to us, “Yup, she’s pregnant, that’s the word for the last few weeks, besides her boobs being swollen is a giveaway……But its not Nnamandi’s baby. NA was just cover, it’s why Kerry never mentions him or even has any emotional tone mentioning anything to do with being ‘married’ Also how come no one in press has commented on Kerry’s ever changing “wedding bands” since the Emmy nomination night, she’s had on 5 different “rings” & none fit, so are we to believe she married a man without an engagement ring or a worthy wedding band?” If in fact she is pregnant,  I think we’re going to need a DNA test.-TO

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Nnamdi and Kerry Washington Wedding Was Fake?

  • Maui1

    Really now. You just post every thing that people send you. This sound like nothing more than speculation from scandal fans who think tony and kerry are fucking. SMH

    • Liz

      Do you believe ever ratshit concept that floats across your brain? No one in their right mind could believe this shit especially as he is gay. Not that anything is wrong with that but he is regardless of how many kids he has out of wedlock. He is gay.

      • RaidersFan5

        I’m late to this article but I thought he was gay as well. Its been low-key known for many years, since at least his time at Oakland. When the idea that Kerry and he were married, I just thought it was a cover and a win-win for both sides. She doesn’t have to acknowledge any dating rumors-keep her private life question-free and he can maintain his privacy as a gay man playing in a gay-unfriendly sports environment. Its just funny he would turn up in this marriage out of the blue. (I don’t think they’re legally married.)

        • tie

          Reading these comments, lots of doubt. As it turns out, she is pregnant.

          He gay but the question I have is, who’s baby is this?

          • Karl Browne

            Anyone got his number? If he’s gay, I’m in…

          • PiNk

            hollywood Royalty….mGm

    • wiseone

      Hey now watch your language ( lol). Yes it is ridiculous that some fans are willing to go so far as to post negative gossip and speculation but in defense of “Terry” shippers I have read negative comments by those who are not fans of Scandal or the actors. Yes the source sounds like “them” but let’s not attack any individual or group of individuals specifically if we do not know the source directly. That would be speculation on our part. It could be some other obsessed individual who follows the stuff they say on tumblr while I know that the actual group does not condone this trashy sight.

      • Liz

        Oh they uppity like that? LOL no then this isn’t for that kind of people. Guess what I heard though he and one of the baby mamas is going to court about child support. I hear shit like this and I look at Mrs Washington whatever and I know she would not be caught dead with some skeeeeeeeze like this.

  • Anon

    You are most likely giviving a stalker a platform!

  • Maui1

    You broke the wedding story and and you’re desperately trying to get the same recognition, so much so that you are listening to obsessive scandal FANS. who have it in their head that tony and kerry are fucking, are secretly married ( although there is no evidence of his divorce) and kerry is pregnant with his baby, and it that were that case wouldn’t make more sense for her to get a white man to be her cover. Your sources are scandal fans from tumblr with an active imagination and too much time on their hands, do better.

    • Audrey

      He must not be familiar with the Tumblr cult of that fandom. This is the gospel they preach.

      • Maui1

        Yep. They analyze pics, interviews , etc and they make up theories to support their fantasy. And then send it to multiple blogs. Lainey’s gossip actually called them out on it. But I’ll give Terez the benefit of the doubt he probably has no idea about the scandal “terry” fandom. And how psycho they can be.

        • Rylan

          The fact that you use Lainey “gossip” as a source is as ridiculous as using Terez “gossip” as one. Lainey knows no more than Terez does even if he did break the wedding scoop. Actually she might even know less.

          • Maui1

            I think u misunderstood. I didn’t say Lainey knew anything about kerry and nnamdi. I said she called tony and kerry shippers (fans) out for sending her stories about terry and even posted one of the emails she got for them. Which was almost word for word a tumblr post of one of the terry shippers

          • Liz

            So basically someone probably someone who hates this Terry guy stole a post and then sent it to Lainey? Oh God I am outta here because the nuts have come out. I bet there is no marriage,not because of this terry guy you all claim she is sleeping with but because there is no marriage here at all. In fact, now I think she is married to the guy she works with. That makes way more sense than this.

  • Maui1

    Last thing. This “source” doesn’t sound like they actually have inside info. It sounds like speculation. The source believes she pregnant because is swollen boobs. And she doesn’t have a worthy wedding ring ( according to who?) and she doesn’t talk about him they way the source fells a wife should . SMH. With this I’m done. This story sounds absolutely ridiculous and you look ridiculous for posting it.

    • Liz

      I always thought this marriage thing was suspicious. Which married couple have you ever seen never be together? It just didn’t jive and anyway isn’t he queer based on his college days and the guys he was screwing that is how it plays out so the Kerry thing made no sense.

    • Wise One

      Yeah ….this is just too much all because someone does not want to talk about their private life. I know this is a free country but people are abusing that right. Kerry has wonderful chemistry with her co-star and as has been stated previously by the actors, they love and respect each other. Real life says she is committed to Nnamdi and if you don’t know them personally you should not gossip or speculate about their private life. Keep fantasy in the fictional world unless you have facts for proof ! Even then it would truly be violating to post this mess.

      • Liz

        Okay where have you seen this commitment? I’ve never seen two newlyweds so not wed. No one has ever seen them together. Where is this commitment other than made up shit like the previously released news that they got married? Point me to this commitment and proof? Am I the only one that sees the irony of this? The same site that broke the news of a marriage is the same site now disputing it? Guess who got probably taken for a ride but the people who believed in this marriage in the first place. I’d bet serious money this woman doesn’t even know this guy other than a superficial hi. I think this site is acting like a rat leaving a sinking ship to be honest. They know their original sorce sucked wet donkey balls and now are backtracking.

        • maui1

          I think its more likely just that Terez will post anything anyone sends him as long as it gives his blog traffic.

    • ii

      This source turned out to be right, concerning the pregnancy. And if you take a closer look, she has been wearing 2 different wedding bands, with no engagement ring.

  • Krak

    Hey guys, you trail too long in the Terry’s fandom on Tumblr

  • Guide7

    What’s Terry? I do agree there is something strange about this marriage, but who knows maybe they’re living some sort of a seperate life while working. I won’t deny on the other hand there is a deep attraction between Tony and her, it’s a thing that is just out of their control, people will always speculate about that cause their connection is that strong.

    • Liz

      My question too. What is Terry? Here’s my only question they are not ever together. I don’t care who her ex is, these two are never together. She seems to have more chemistry with that actor than him because I have yet to hear her say her husband’s name or claim him or own him. The entire sports networks are making fun of him and he might have been doing this to rebel. Something’s up here and blaming this Terry guy isn’t the answer. Some weird shit is going on here.

      • Maui1

        Terry isn’t a person it’s the shipper name for Tony ( Kerry’s costar) and kerry. There are fans that believe tony and kerry are having an affair. And kerry pretended to marry nnamdi to throw peeps of their scent. That tony and kerry are actually married. Although he’s still married to his wife. And that she pregnant by him. They have no facts to back this up. Or inside knowledge. Theyre the typical fans who can’t separate reel life for real life. They send their theories to multiple gossip blogs.

      • ii

        The only time she has said his name was when she was asked to pronounce “Asomugha”. She kind of was painted into a corner and had no choice. But yeah, she has not claimed him.

  • jason

    why do you keep posting the lunatic ratings of one of nnamdi’s ex hos? this ain’t nowhere near true.

  • Debra

    Can I say something here? I’ve been lurking and sitting in amazement at all this nonsense about Kerry Washington. Who told you that she was married to Nnamdi? I see nothing about it anywhere. No pictures of the happy couple and the same sentences over and over again. As to Kerry, this is the first time she mentions she is a married woman and as a mother of two it is obvious she is in her first trimester. Rather large women would not be able to recognize this but as another small woman, I see her color change and her breasts and suddenly Kerry doesn’t have a waistline as slim as before and her skin is glowing. What I can tell is she is happy. I am not entirely sure Nnamdi has anything to do with it. I went to school with him, he is gay. You can choose to believe that or not. Kerry knows him through family connections but he has issues and I am afraid for him. She is fine. If she is pregnant and married it most certain is not to him. So she will be fine. He has a lot of real life issues and I do feel sorry for him but trying to take revenge on a really nice human being doesn’t work well. In fact, he is about to find out how deeply in trouble he is for this. Kerry is extremely respected by people who count and no that isn’t you or me. People with power respect her and organizations she has worked for and none of them, athletes included are taking well to him being like this and trying to create drama for a lovely woman. This is going to hurt him not her and I think it is deserved. He hasn’t changed from the old days.

  • Doug

    Gotta say I did wonder what a fine sista like that was doing with an egghead and now I get it. She wasn’t with him lol. He ain’t got nothin that girl would want.

  • Just Stop

    This “source” sounds like one of those Scandal fans. More speculation than anything else.
    I’ll give TO a break, the other two articles about the marriage being fake, didn’t sound like Scandal fans. Possibly someone from Nnamdi Asomugha’s camp. Seem to be way more legit than this.

  • Diane

    my friend actually spotted nnamdi and kerry together not too long ago in San Francisco.

  • Ed

    It’s the President’s baby!

    • ii

      I’m starting to believe so too…

  • PiNk

    Tony Goldwyn be that baby’s papy.

  • GG

    This her co-star’s kid. The way things have unfolded, source sounds legit.

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