Kerry Washington Confirmed Pregnant: Who’s the Father?

The PR machine works hard for us T...

The PR machine works hard for us T…

Well we reported this story back over a month ago, and now it’s confirmed. Scandal star Kerry Washington is in fact pregnant, and according to numerous reports, the baby is allegedly 49ers defensive star Nnamdi Asomughas. Our tipster is still telling us Nnamdi’s “wife” Kerry Washington is definitley pregnant, but its not Nnamandi’s baby. Our source tells us the validity of the marriage is still in question, and now the baby’s father is as well. There’s still no picture evidence of the two of them together, which is pretty strange in this day and age.-TO

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  • Jessica Freeman

    Bitch please. This is old news because this actress is not married to this boy. That baby ain’t his either because he ain’t her husband and ain’t never been down that value, just sayin. This shit needs to stop though none o this shit is cute. It makes her look like some fucking skank and shit and she is a nice lady that is kind of weird on this privacy shit. I don’t care who her real husband is so long as she happy.

    • Miriam

      Agree it’s been time stop this charade. Is she paranoid to simply say “Yes I married this summer, _______ and I are settling into married life”. K does not have to give any other statement ever if she or_______ said that. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Smith

    Wait but ain’t he some faggot and a baby daddy already? Kerry couldn’t sink that low. I’m sure the real father will show up soon. The show has been shit of late (Scandal) thank god for the RL drama.

    • Yvonne

      Totally agree…Scandal’s being going downhill lately!
      I don’t believe any of this marriage crap!

      • Paul Smith

        My girl got me into Scandal but this years been a total dud. What happen to Olitz? Who the fuck is this Jake character? Man can’t kiss for shit and you can see Kerry wants out of any tussle with that one. No chemistry at all. Amazed this man gets laid in real life. Booooooooooooring.

    • Ave

      Who’s to say she knows about those kids? She dated him long distance for a year. Does she really KNOW him?

      • Jessica Freeman

        Where is the evidence she has ever dated him? Ya gotta consider the irony that it is this place that said that she was married to him and now they are sitting on a fence and slow clappin it out? Nah this chick again married to the has been.

  • Ave

    I do remember the September story about her being pregnant and it’s not Nnamdi Asosumgha’s.
    If they’re married, why are there zero pictures of them? No one has seen them either. What’s with the hiding?

    • Jessica Freeman

      I think she is married just not to NA. Honestly not sure who she is married to but it isn’t NA.

  • John
    • guest

      umm… that’s clearly photoshopped. notice how KW is in a full out gown (obviously not on the same carpet) and NA is dressed down on an ESPN carpet.

    • Diana

      LOOOOOL this is photoshoped .. that pic of Kerry is from another event where NA wasn’t there

  • Miriam

    Kerry has NEVER EVER said he is married to Nnamdi. The tabloids say that is who she is married to. I understand K need for privacy but not even Nnamdi has said he is married to Kerry. His Igbo(Nigerian) family early on have stuck by their confession and deny he married her. 4 months of marriage and not 1 49ers wife has seen Kerry at any 49ers games or family events. What is really up? Is it “unfolding” yet Dr. K?????????

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