Kendrick Perkins Face Says it All

I don't feel like myself anymore T...

Kendrick Perkins loved Boston…The C’s drafted him when he was 18 and he quickly became a fan favorite…He was also one of the most beloved guys in the locker room…Perkins just took some photos with his new team, and judging by the look on his face, he’s completely miz in OKC…Don’t worry Little Chief, you’re still getting paid. -TO

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  • Disappointed

    you’re nuts if you think he’s not excited to play for OKC. If not for that he’s gonna get a big pay day from the Thunder that the Celtics didn’t want to give him, hence the reason the traded him

    And his face always looks like that, sounds like a slow day and you’re digging for some drama
    Fox Sports would be proud

  • Rachel

    Here is my problem with you terez,,,,sometimes your stories are just total BS. Kendrick Perkins went on camera to say HE ASKED HIS AGENT LAST YEAR ABOUT COMING TO THE THUNDER IF THEY CANT WORK OUT A DEAL WITH THE CELTICS…. see for yourself. There are many teams out there he couldve been traded to that are much worse. OKC is a top NBA team with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. They also have up and coming players like Harden and Ibaka. Kendrick and Ibaka Teaming up as a defensive duo will be big. He is also aware the money can work here as well as building a big reputation as an elite center in the western conference with the likes of westbrook and durant backing him up. this could very well be a scary big 3 taking charge. the thunder already proved they can stand up to the lakers and spurs, only losing by 2 to 3 points. imagine what will happen when they have the defense and big man presence they were lacking,,,,even magic johnson said it will be big! yes, he will miss the celtics but this is a big opportunity for him as well.

  • Terez

    What’s BS about the story…the story is his miserable looking face…I never claimed he was unhappy about playing for the Thunder…His expression is the story…it’s funny…you and Perks both need to lighten up.

  • Couldn’t be happier Laker Fan

    ‘Course there is the little part where Simmons claimed Perkins spent most of the day crying after he found out about the trade. We can debate the manliness of that nugget some other time, but I think it’s safe to say he’d rather be a Celtic. I for one am thrilled! The Thunder don’t have enough to get past the Lakers, and now neither do the Celtics! The Eastern Conference teams basically handed the title to the Lakers this year: Sucked all the best available players out of the West through trades to make bad East teams a little better, and weakened the best team in the East. Thanks guys!

  • Troker

    Seems like he may not be too pissed about playing in OKC… Just inked a 4 year extension.

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