Jose Canseco’s Daughter Defends Her Dad on Twitter

December 29, 2010 at 10:47 am by Terez in Jose Canseco

I got my Dads back T..

Jose Canseco has a twitter account..Occasionally his daughter Josie will log on to his account and fight his battles for him..She tweets..”because its his daughter on his twitter right now not him. Maybe you should get your facts straight before trying to talk crap” How could Jose let his daughter be exposed to all the hate aimed at him..She continues to tweet..”And if u had a heart you wouldn’t be tweeting my dad these nasty messages. Think about if u were in my dads shoes how u would feel .. -josie” Jose’s daughter might be the best PR rep he has..She continues tweeting, even apologizing for her father’s past mistakes..”Guys people make mistakes and some of u people obviously don’t understand that my dad’s are in the past. He is doing his best to fix stuff” BTW, his daughter is like 12 years old..-TO

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