Jose Canseco compares His life to alligator jet pilot in Crazy Foreword

The pen is mightier than the bat T…

Former Bash Brother Jose Canseco is at it again. Here’s a scoop we received. “Jose Canseco wrote the foreword to a new book that just came out called Air Force Gator 2: Scales of Justice. It’s about an alcoholic alligator that joins the Air Force and hunts down terrorists in his fighter jet that’s shaped like an alligator head. In it, Jose Canseco compares his life to Air Force Gator. He brings up Bud Selig, steroids, etc. in the foreword. This all happened because the author of the book called Jose an idiot on Twitter. It turned into a weird Twitter war, and for some reason ended with Jose agreeing to write the foreword for free” Jose Canseco is plain old hilarious. To View the Foreword and Twitter War continue reading.-TO

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